Tenders and Announcements

EHRN is announcing a tender to select organizations/individual experts to act as national coordinators for preparation to UNGASS, which will be conducted through building national coalitions and holding country consultations.

Eurasian Harm Reduction network seeks a consultant to produce and launch an exhibition within the Regional Campaign during the Regional High Level Dialogue “ROAD TO SUCCESS” on Successful Transition to Domestic Funding of HIV and TB Response in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) countries, on 28-30th September, 2015 in Tbilisi, Georgia.

EHRN seeks a consultant to develop governmental relations for the implementation of the regional EHRN strategy.

EHRN announces a tender for selection of a professional psychologist to facilitate regular (i.e. weekly meetings of the SMT and individual meetings with SMT members, if needed) for SMT to improve the team spirit and cooperation within our SMT. Tender deadline is 31st of May , 2015.

EHRN is inviting you to submit bids (quotes) for the tender to provide services to organize and hold the international Forum in Tbilisi, Georgia. Deadline for submission of bids for the tender – 19 June 2015. 18:00 Vilnius (Lithuania) time.

EHRN is looking for company or individual consultant to develop online learning platform based on the training module on human rights and drug policies.

Within the Regional Program “Harm Reduction Works – Fund It!” two assessments have been conducted and national reports with recommendations on improving quality and funding for harm reduction programmes have been developed. In order to ensure quality of reports, national report reviewers are required for Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.

EHRN announces a tender to select an individual consultant to develop the analytical report aimed to assess the readiness of countries in the region for sustainability and transition to national funding and to draw attention of relevant stakeholders and donors to this issue.

EHRN organizes an open tender to select a narcologist for developing recommendations for involving health workers community and providing technical support to Regional Program's organizations in developing and implementing advocacy plans to improve the quality of OST programs. The deadline is March 31, 2015.

EHRN announces a tender for selection of a consultant/advisory group or consulting firm to provide services for the development of a regional campaign. Tender deadline is 20 March, 2015.

EHRN organizes an open tender for providing editing services (in Russian) and invites candidates to submit their bids for the tende. Deadline: March 11, 2015, 12:00 00 Vilnius time.

ЕССВ организует открытый конкурсный отбор консультанта для оказания услуг по разработке регионального отчета.

ЕССВ организует открытый конкурсный отбор консультанта для оказания услуг по разработке регионального отчета.

EHRN announces a tender for selecting a consultant to write EHRN Annual Report 2014. Tender deadline: 26 January 2015

EHRN Secretariat is announcing a tender for an individual consultant to complete a set of public relations tasks.