People who use drugs: we have to take on human rights agenda if we are to seriously address HCV

11 April 2014

On March 27-28, 2014, WHO Global partners’ meeting on hepatitis took place in Geneva, Switzerland. Around 80 participants, representing academic Institutions, civil society, professional organizations, country programmes attended the meeting. The main objective of the meeting was to exchange information and views among partners and to identify potential priorities for joint action over the next 2-5 years.

Eliot Albers, Executive Director of International Network of People Who Use Drugs (INPUD) made a statement providing people who use drugs perspective in regard to current access to hepatitis diagnostics, treatment and care. E. Albers highlighted human rights agenda and systematic drug law reform as major issues in responding HCV epidemic. 

“We are told that we are not adherent and that treatment is not effective for our community or that we will only go out and get re-infected. All of this is to devalue our lives and is based on stigma, misinformation, and a failure to meaningfully engage with our community”, - says Eliot Albers in his speech.

Full text of the E. Albers’ speech can be found here:

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