7 April 2017

"We do not want to be judged by anyone, not even by people we trust, but we feel responsible for each other. We want to have tools of assessing the severity of drug problems and protecting our friends."

2 April 2017

Consultation on EECA regional priorities for the next GF funding cycle

16 March 2017

Statement by Mart Kalvet, representative of the Estonian Network of People who Use Drugs LUNEST, on behalf of Eurasian Harm Reduction Network, at the 60 session of the CND.

13 March 2017

The main mission of the EHRN at the sessions of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs is to draw this major forum participants’ attention to the voice of civil society.

1 March 2017

Annual coordination meeting of the Eastern Europe, Central Asia Regional Communication and Coordination Platform (EECA RP) is held in Kiev on 1–2 March 2017 as part of the TB/HIV response.

27 February 2017

The issue of country engagement in budget advocacy planning and effective transition to domestic funding of harm reduction services has become the key topic at the Regional Consortium Meeting.

21 February 2017

Representatives of seven leading international and regional harm reduction, drug policy and drug user networks met in London last week to coordinate joint efforts in harm reduction approaches, human rights protection and drug policy reform.

20 February 2017

In the effort to facilitate equitable access to harm reduction and HIV prevention services in the region EHRN sets out to support budget advocacy in transition to domestic funding in the CEECA countries.

15 February 2017

EHRN makes it possible for journalists to be in the epicenter of this event and announces an open contest for scholarships for mass media representatives from the CEECA region.

15 February 2017

EHRN will award 80 scholarships to the winners of abstract competition for NGOs and communities of people who use drugs (PWUD) in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia (CEECA).

14 February 2017

“We don’t criminalize use of any drugs”, says Mr. Jindrich Voboril, the National Anti-Drug Coordinator of the Czech Republic.

13 February 2017

Uzbekistan has developed the national action plan to improve access for sustainable and continuous access to HIV care. Eurasian Harm Reduction Network welcomes focus on the role of the key populations in this document.

31 January 2017

At a meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania, EHRN is launching its first project with the European Commission in the field of drug policy.

25 January 2017

According to the results of the competition the winners are four applications from Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Estonia.