About the situation in EHRN secretariat for 2017-09-14

14 September 2017

Dear members of the network,


We, EHRN Secretariat co-owners, know perfectly well that you are disoriented by one-sided and false information, while you deserve to have the most non-prejudicial understanding about events that happened during last few weeks. We, co-owners, assume the full responsibility for the current information vacuum for our part, however we could not spread rumours, having only speculations rather than evidence at our disposal. Our objective as the Secretariat co-owners was to ensure the complete transparency of the Secretariat operations, as well proper and legal drawdown. Unfortunately, last year activities of the Secretariat and some persons related to it started causing mounting concerns, especially due to the fact that some Secretariat officers failed to fulfil requirements of the Law and avoided to substantiate some expenses. Therefore EHRN Secretariat co-owners became aware of well-grounded concerns regarding possible falsification of some financial reports.

Currently, the fiscal, performance and legal audit of the Secretariat is under way. Audit is performed by the independent audit, financial and legal firms. Unfortunately, even first information discovered in the course of audit confirms that some former staff members of the Secretariat abused the functions committed to them. EHRN co-owners managed to ensure the safety of those documents and correspondence, although there were attempts to destroy them. Saved documents allow the well-grounded doubts not only in legality of activities of some former Secretariat staff members, but also in activities of some persons related thereto, without single outing some members of funds and of the Steering Committee. EHRN co-owners will ensure that after the completion of audit, all improper activities will be disclosed, and liable persons will be brought to the civil, administrative or criminal responsibility.

Having completed detailed examination of documents on activities of some former staff members of EHRN Secretariat, it became evident for us that luring into this whole mess is only aimed at the concealing of the former non-transparent and perhaps illegal activities and at the attempts to continue those operations through newly founded organizations. This can be only acceptable for those who are only aimed at pursuing their personal profit under cover of EHRN interests. EHRN co-owners and Secretariat will seek to close the door on development of various corruption schemes within EHRN.

We can only regret and apologise of all members of the network that we were unable to prevent them from abuses and potential crimes earlier, since current EHRN Secretariat co-owners were not provided with required information they had asked for. Once again, we confirm that we undertake to clear the Secretariat name and look forward for contributing all members of the network to ensure the transparent and open service of EHRN Secretariat to the network.


Sincerely yours,

Ingrida Šulcienė, EHRN founder and co-owner

Linas Merkelis, EHRN co-owner