EXTENDED: Call to express interest in becoming EHRN national partner in project proposal for the “5 % Initiative AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria”

25 April 2017

The Eurasian Harm Reduction Network (EHRN) is looking for the non-governmental and nonprofit organizations (preferably EHRN members), providing services or advocacy in harm reduction field in Albania, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia (eligible countries for the present 5 % Initiative Call for Proposals) who are interested to become project partners and jointly develop a regional project proposal within the 5 % initiative call for proposals.

The proposed project should complement GF grants aimed at improving access for the most vulnerable populations to high-quality healthcare, based on strategies that are appropriate and integrated into local communities. Projects must reinforce and complement Global Fund grants. Proposals submitted must describe in details the link with Global Fund grants in terms of their approach to implementation, coordination, synergies and values-added.

Project duration is 36 months.  The total amount of the grant is up to €3,000,000.

More information about 5 % Initiative Call for Proposals can be found here: http://www.initiative5pour100.fr/en/partnerships-and-expertise/calls-for...

Recommended criteria for national partner selection:

  • Be a public nonprofit organization with goals related to improve rights, health and/or social situation of people who use drugs or other key populations;
  • Have a strong supportive position for harm reduction or other low-threshold services for key populations;
  • Be either organized by a group of people who use drugs/other key population or have people who use drugs/other key population representatives among board or executive management of the organization;
  • Have a strong position on rights of people who use drugs or other key populations;
  • Have experience of critical appraisal of the quality of harm reduction or other services for key populations performed during the last 5 years;
  • Have experience of national or regional-level advocacy in the area of sustainable finance for services for key populations, human rights of key populations and HIV or drug policy reform.

If your organization is interested, please fill in an online form before the end of 12 May, 2017.

If you have any questions, please contact Igor Gordon, e-mail: igor.gordon@harm-reduction.org


DEADLINE: the end of 12 May, 2017