Call for Expression of Interest on membership of Regional Technical Advisory Group

23 May 2017

Eurasian Harm Reduction Network (EHRN), represented by its Secretariat is inviting individuals representing organizations and/or groups of people who use drugs/patients of opioid substitutions therapy working in EECA Region to express this interest for the open call for the voting membership of Regional Technical Advisory Group (RTAG).

RTAG is a consultative body established by the EHRN Steering Committee as a mechanism to enhance the development and implementation of the Regional Program “Harm Reduction Works – Fund It!” and to ensure a wider perspective and input from various partners is taken into account to reflect international and national interests and trends.

The main responsibilities of RTAG include:

To contribute strategic technical advice to the development of the EHRN grant proposal to the Global Fund
To review applications from potential sub-recipients
To provide technical advice during grant implementation
To carry out other functions related to grant implementation that would benefit from the specific technical expertise of RTAG members individually or collectively, as requested by the SC when needed

RTAG is composed of 15 members representing technical partners, including UN agencies and donors, international and regional organizations, national harm reduction and other civil society or governmental organizations and organizations and groups of people who use drugs or are patients of opioid substitutions therapy. 

The current call is for the membership representing organizations and/or groups of people who use drugs/patients of opioid substitutions therapy constituency only (1 member).

RTAG membership is for 3 years and this is a non-paid advisory position, although the members are compensated for travel, accommodation and for other work-related expenses according to EHRN’s policies.

More information about RTAG and general governance structure of the Regional Program could be found at:

Written expression of interest to serve as RTAG member should include detailed information about the candidate (e.g. CV or Resume), а brief cover letter and nomination/support letter. All the above documents should clearly indicate:

Representation of organizations and/or groups of people who use drugs/clients of opioid substitution therapy (from EECA region);
Expertise in one of more relevant fields, such as harm reduction, HIV/AIDS, TB and Hepatitis C prevention, care and treatment, drug policy, human rights, development of community of people who use drugs, community and health systems strengthening, financial management and related issues;

Further inquiries and expression of interest should be submitted by Email to: no later than May 29, 2017.

Submissions in both languages (Russian and English) would be greatly appreciated.