Call for tender: creative concepts and cycle of short animated videos on budget advocacy

15 November 2016

Purpose of the tender

The purpose of this tender is to select an agency to provide animation video making services for the Eurasian Harm Reduction Network, hereafter referred to as the “EHRN”. This animation video is part of the communication material that EHRN produces in relation to one of its strategic objectives: financial and programmatic sustainability of harm reduction programs that meet the needs of people who use drugs, communities, and the public at large.

The product

  • The aim is to have a series of short animated videos, which are easy to follow and understand and are self-explanatory on the topic of budget advocacy. Total number of videos – 6, maximum length of each video - 2min 30 sec.
  • For this video product EHRN would like to present and illustrate what budget advocacy is, why is it critical for civil society and key population communities to be engaged.
  • The videos could be a variety of different styles (i.e. 2D or 3DAnimation, Live Action, Infographics Live Stop Motion, Digital Stop Motion, Whiteboard, and alike). It should be visibly attractive and dynamic.
  • Voice-over in Russian should have subtitles in English.


The production of the videos must be finalized by February 1, 2017 and submitted to EHRN.

Requirements to the candidates:

  • Extensive and evidence-based experience in short-video production;
  • Understanding of the target audience. The video will target firstly EHRN members, civil society and key population community groups, such as people who use drugs, men having sex with other men, sex workers and people, living with HIV.
  • Understanding and experience in creating videos on social and health care issues, faced by vulnerable groups of society, problems and challenges of civil society building and development.
  • Portfolio that clearly shows the level of the candidate's work and experience.
  • Ability to meet the deadlines.

Assessment criteria:

  • Experience and portfolio of the candidate (20);
  • Experience in creating videos on social and health care issues, faced by vulnerable groups of society  (20);
  • Cost of services (60).

Results will be announced by December 4, 2016. Each candidate will be contacted individually

Application process:

  • Service provider could be a company or a single, free-lance person;
  • Applications and portfolio of the candidates should be submitted to no later than November 25, 2016 (23:55 Central European Time). Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.
  • To be considered, please send us:
  1. Filled in application form provided in Annex #1;
  2. A brief technical note reflecting your understanding of the tasks, the general idea on how
  3. to develop the video as well as the video style and approach foreseen;
  4. Draft work plan reflecting the above elements, including the timeline;
  5. Financial offer including expense estimates needed to deliver the above-mentioned products and services).

More information please find HERE.



25 November, 2016