Collective Impact Reflection on HIV/AIDS Response

8 May 2017

Today in Amsterdam, Eurasian Harm Reduction Network’s (EHRN), together with other representative of the leading NGO’s in the field of HIV/AIDS response are starting a meeting-workshop, during which they will analyze the lessons learned and plan future joint activities. The three-day workshop is organized by the Robert Carr Civil Society Networks Fund (RCNF).

Among other things, workshop aims to build on the capacity of participants to practice outcomes-based and results-oriented thinking, analyze, synthesize data, engage in reflection processes, learn and plan using evidence. To investigate how participants come together to form a collective, and what this collective means in their work and in the HIV context.

“EHRN and Eurasian harm reduction movement has been existing for twenty years, and it plays an important role in a global HIV response. On the “Collective Impact Reflection” we do not only represent our experience of partnership and development in consortiums in the region of Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. With the support of the Fund we try to put all pieces of the puzzle into one picture. The environment around harm reduction is changing all over the world. We need to learn how to support each other and work as one community,” – says Anna Dovbakh, EHRN Executive Director and the Network’s representative at the workshop.

During the next three days, the participants will also debate on how the issues discussed during the workshop fit into the overall RCNF-lead processes and individual goals of each organization. It is anticipated that “Collective Impact Reflection” is going to become a platform to understand the frameworks of monitoring, evaluation and learning system, and how it relates to desired outcomes in the HIV context in the region and among key population groups.