Consultant for providing professional technical support to the organization

2 June 2017

EHRN is looking for individual consultant for providing professional technical support to strengthen operational capacity of the organization.

The consultant is expected to perform the following tasks:

First stage (up to 2 working days). The review of the existing operational documents of the organization*, with the aim to identify the weakness. The operational document includes: description of structure and government of the organization, staff policy, policy on prevention of conflict of interests, Financial management and procedures (except accounting policy) etc. According to the results of the review, the consultant should prepare a check-list indicating the weaknesses and the missing procedures.
Second stage (up to 5 working days). Modification of the existing documents according to the current situation and EHRN proposals on the basis of check-list. Preparation of the missing procedures if necessary. ** All the documentation should comply with the procedures of UN agencies.

3. Third stage (up to 2 working days). Finalization of the documents on the results of EHRN feedback

Application process:

Application letter in free form (no more than 1 page) in addition to the CV/Resume with information about the relevant experience and contacts of the organizations, with which you have previously worked.
Annex 1 with indication of daily rate for the above work. EHRN reserves the right to request confirmation of the information about the daily rate from organization with which consultant has previously worked.

Please, submit your application to by 14th of June, 2017 16.00 (Vilnius time).

More information in the Terms of Reference below