EHRN is looking for Budget Advocacy Mentors

17 August 2017

Eurasian Harm Reduction Network (EHRN) within the program “Harm Reduction Works – Fund It!” is looking for qualified individuals to provide mentorship services for budget advocacy efforts to harm reduction organizations in six countries (Belarus, Lithuania, Moldova, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan).


Number of consultants: multiple

Working language: Russian (preferred), English, native language of any of the six countries (Belarus, Lithuania, Moldova, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan)

Duty station: Remote, with limited or no travel

Travel: Some of the assignments might involve travel to countries covered by the program (Belarus, Lithuania, Moldova, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan), as well as to international events within the Regional Program.

What is expected from Mentors:

  • Work in a structural relationship (as described in the model working process below) with a mentee to improve that organization/person’s success; help to set objective short and long term goals for personal/organizational growth, for the mentorship and for advocacy purposes;
  • Act as an experienced guide through the provision of guidance, advice and troubleshooting;
  • Provide help (teaching by doing) to solve practical issues (e.g. how to analyse the budget);
  • Expose the mentee to a variety of approaches/solutions for the challenges, which the mentee is facing and help to broaden the perspective through sharing lessons-learned/experience from other setting;
  • Provide objective feedback on the mentees progress to the mentee and help identify solutions;
  • Provide advice to develop learning plan (or plan for organizational change, if needed) to help mentees achieve the goals;
  • Provide feedback and actualize the national/regional budget advocacy guide and use of relevant budget advocacy tools by the local communities. 

Application and Selection Process:

Interested candidates are requested to submit the following documents to EHRN secretariat represented by Ms. Irena Zubkova (

1. Expression of interests consisting of:

  • a brief letter providing summary of relevant experience of a candidate;
  • a clear indication of the field of expertise (for details, please see above: 1. Public budgeting; 2. Healthcare Financing/Reimbursement schemes/Costing and budgeting; 3. Management (or healthcare management); 4. Organizational development; 5. Strategic planning; 6. HIV programming and financing; 7. Other relevant expertise (indicate)
  • country of a particular interest (if any)
  • language skills (Russian, English, national languages of program countries)

2. CV

3. Financial statement:

  • Requested daily rate
  • Daily rate evaluation form (below)
  • Potential availability till end of December (e.g. number of consultancy days per month or for a whole period).


Evaluation Process:

Selection committee will evaluate candidates’ qualification to provide mentorship services in the specified field of expertise based on their experience, education background and other skills as specified in qualification requirement section. Candidates who receive more than 75 points will be considered eligible to provide mentorship services under this program.

Assignments to each candidate will be developed based on the demand/request of the recipient organizations and completion of ToR for each assignment will become the ground for assigning a contract to prequalified candidates. Therefore, award of the contract is contingent upon the existing demand from the recipient country.

For questions, please contact: Ms. Irena Zubkova ( or Ms. Lela Serebryakova (

Deadline for application is September 8, 2017. Candidates are encouraged to apply ASAP and assignments may be assigned to a suitable candidate on a rolling bases. EHRN will consider late applications as well. 

For more detailed information please refer to the ToR below