EXTENDED: EHRN is looking for the consultant to organize and facilitate the meeting on the approaches to monitoring of the implementation of the Georgian Transition Plan

27 March 2017

Georgia has developed a Plan on Transition from Global Fund funding by 2021. This document has been approved by the CCM, after the lengthy development and consultation process. At this moment, it is not clear if further approval (e.g. by the Government) is planned. The document is critical for civil society and community representatives to ensure the sustainable transition of key for them HIV and TB services from Global Fund support to national funding. That is why it is important for civil society to develop an approach to monitoring of the implementation of the activities projected within the Transition Plan. A request for TA received by EHRN from representatives of civil society and communities in Georgia in February 2017 included demand to support the development of such approach.


Under this ToR EHRN is looking for the consultant to who would be able to:

By 21.04: help EHRN to develop a draft version of the meeting concept;
By 26.04: provide EHRN with the final concept of the meeting and its draft agenda;
By 04.05: provide EHRN with the final version of the meeting agenda;
By 28.04: help EHRN to identify the workshop participants and finalize list of participants;
By 28.04: help EHRN identify relevant experts to be invited to participate in the workshop (if needed) and develop the list of experts;
By 08.05: Based on the agreed agenda of the workshop, develop the process of the workshop’s facilitation.

Coordinate the process of the development of the relevant presentations for the workshop by invited participants and experts:

  • develop the check-list of the workshop presentations;
  • brief each expert on the expected content, possible structure and timing of the presentation;
  • collect presentations from experts and participants before the meeting;
  • provide a feedback on their content and structure if needed;
  • participate in planned Skype calls with the invited experts.

Coordinate the process of the development of the handout materials for the workshop participants:

  • develop the check-list of the required handout materials;
  • collect them in advance from the experts, or from the other relevant sources;
  • make sure to prepare hard-copy material before the workshop, if needed.

Develop the methodology of the evaluation of the workshop’s results (right after the event). Based on this methodology, develop the questionnaire for the participants to give their feedback about the workshop’
Facilitate a two-day workshop (tentatively on 25-26 May) in Tbilisi;
Participate in a preparatory meeting with experts the day before the meeting for the final discussion of the agenda, facilitation processes, roles of key participants and expected results;

Coordinate with the individuals responsible for the organization of the logistics of the workshop and timely provide them with all required information such as venue, stationery, etc.;

By 31.05: develop and submit to EHRN the report on the process and results of the workshop. The report should be in English and should not exceed 10 pages. The report should include a short overview of the meeting organization process, key discussions, results and recommendations\next steps agreed.


How to apply

The candidates are invited to submit their CV, Letter of interest and state the daily rate in EUR (including the taxes) by e-mail referenced under title “Consultant to facilitate the meeting on the Georgian Transition Plan” to Ivan Varentsov at ivan@harm-reduction.org by COB 17th of April 2017 24:00 EET.

More information in the Terms of Reference below

Terms of Reference [PDF 331KB]

Deadline extended till April 17, 2017