EXTENDED: Tender for hotels in Tbilisi, Georgia to organize two meetings

26 September 2016

On 23-24 of November 2016, regional advocacy campaign “Women against Violence” partners will gather in Tbilisi, Georgia to the closing Campaign event. The goal of the meeting is to discuss Campaign results and achievements, its impact in changing relationship between law enforcement agencies and people who use drug community, harm reduction services. Campaign partners will share their experiences and good practices in combating police violence and building partnership with law enforcement representatives and mobilizing/empowering women who use drugs community; the most effective technologies and instruments in achieving campaign results will be analyzed. During the meeting the new campaign “Women for Humane Drug Policy” will be also planned.

On 25-26 of November 2016, meeting of street lawyers “From Street to Government” will be organized in Tbilisi, Georgia. The aim of this meeting is to provide legal advice to people who use drugs, and to protect against and document human rights violations in Eurasia. Community-based street lawyers will be trained and share their experience, create a work plan for the next year.

The tender is organized within the 2 projects: MacAIDS 2015 and RCF International Consortium 2016-2018.

We invite hotels from Tbilisi, Georgia to participate in this tender and offer their services for the both meetings, mentioned above.

Dates of meetings:

  • Closing event of the campaign “Women against Violence” – 23-24th November, 2016;
  • Street Lawyers “From Street to Government” – 25-26th November, 2016.

Approximate number of participants for both events, each day approximately 30 people.

The list of services:

  • Accommodation for 30 people in single/double/twin rooms on 22-27th November, 2016;
  • The conference hall (including multimedia, few microphones, flipcharts, etc.) on 23-26 November, 2016 suitable for 30 persons;
  • Dinner, lunch and 2 coffee breaks per day;
  • Transfer from/to airport

Requirements for the applicants (hotels):

  • Hotel must have a conference room suitable for 30 persons;
  • Hotel must have enough accommodation (rooms) for 30 persons;

DEADLINE: 10th October, 2016, 16:00 (Vilnius time)

Evaluation criteria:

  • The hotel has accomodation for 30 people in single/duoble/twin rooms (20 points)
  • The hotel has conference hall in the same building as accommodation is (30 points)
  • The lowest price offered (50 points)

The maximum possible amount of points is 100.


Participants must submit in free form:

-the list of prices for the required services.


Please send letter with the offer to Eliza Kurcevič at eliza.kurcevic@harm-reduction.org, until thе 10 October, 2016, 16:00 (Vilnius time)