In Lisbon, experts discussed the progress of the project "Harm reduction works!"

24 June 2016

On June 24, 2016 Lisbon (Portugal) is hosting a meeting of the Strategic Advisory Group for the "Harm reduction works!" project and consultants implementing investment tracking research for the HRW! project. The meeting is dedicated to improving the funding for harm reduction and HIV prevention in EU. This event is an opportunity to share recent experiences of tracking harm reduction spending through the "Harm reduction works!" project and to reflect on the related work carried out within all of our respective organisations.

The meeting is attended by representatives of the EHRN secretariat - Olga Fomina, the Sustainability and Transition Team Lead, and Ivan Varentsov, the Team Advisor. This Team is involved in the implementation of the regional program "Harm Reduction Works - Fund It!". EHRN representatives will talk about the methodology to assess harm reduction funding levels developed within the project, will give some key findings and results of the methodology implementation and share lessons learnt and recommendations.

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