Open call to express interest to participate in an online training on police violence against women who use drugs

1 December 2016

Eurasian Harm Reduction Network (EHRN) is organizing an online training on police violence against women who use drugs for professionals (social workers, outreach workers, street lawyers, peer-to-peer counselors, psychologists, human rights experts) working with representatives of vulnerable populations: people who use drugs, including women who use drugs, sex workers, HIV positive people, former prisoners, and others.

The training is aimed at presenting and providing training on the use of the E-learning tool “Police Violence against Women Who Use Drugs”, developed by EHRN along with a guidebook for trainers providing tips and recommendations on how to organize educational sessions based on the E-learning tool. The E-learning tool is designed as additional resource material for professionals to discuss and train members of vulnerable populations on human rights and social justice issues.

Although the E-learning tool is tailored to the needs of women who use drugs, the topic covered by this tool is also relevant to male drug users as well as to other criminalized populations, such as sex workers. It consists of three modules. Module I is on how to recognize cases of police violence against women who use drugs and to identify other actions of police officers that constitute a violation of human rights of a drug using women. Module II speaks about the importance of gathering evidence and teaches on how to document human rights violations. Module III introduces different mechanisms to ensure access to justice, e.g. police, the ombudsperson, prosecutor office, court. It explains how to use them to restore justice when human rights are violated.

Those who are interested in participation in the online training please express your interest by email: up until the 7 of December. According to the registrants’ geographical location and time opportunities, we will then set up a suitable training date and time.