EXTENDED: Open call to participate in the regional workshop “What works: improving quality of harm reduction services through community based monitoring”

11 November 2016

On 15 - 16 of December 2016 EHRN within its EC funded project “Harm Reduction Works! Improving funding for harm reduction and HIV prevention in the European Union” will organize a two days regional workshop “What works: improving quality of harm reduction services through community based monitoring”. The workshop will take place in Tallinn (Estonia).

The goal of the workshop is to help NGOs to improve the quality of harm reduction services provided by making those adequate to the actual needs of people who use drugs through community based monitoring. More details could be found in the concept of the workshop attached to this Call.

EHRN announces an open call for interested NGO representatives to apply. NGOs from the following EU member states are eligible: Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Rep., Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia

EHRN will select up to 12 participants from not more than 6 EU member countries listed above (not more than 2 participants per country). EHRN will be able to cover travel, accommodation and meals expenses for the participants of the workshop.

Criteria for selection of participants:

  • Representative of NGO providing harm reduction services for PWID;
  • Director, HR Project Manager or M&E specialist within the organization;
  • Good spoken and conversational English;
  • Proactive, able to apply the obtained information into practice at their organizations;
  • Gender balance among the participants as well as balance of the geographical representation;
  • Priority is given to PWID community representatives.

To apply please send your CV and the Letter of Interest by 25.11.2016 COB Vilnius time at ivan@harm-reduction.org.

The Letter of Interest should clearly explain:

  • What is your background with regard to harm reduction, what organization you represent and your current position\responsibilities in it;
  • Why are you interested in participation in this workshop;
  • How the knowledge obtained during the workshop could be useful for you and your organization and how do you hope to apply what you learn when you get back home


25.11.2016 COB Vilnius time