EXTENDED: ToR for consultant to develop a grant proposal for the “5 % Initiative AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria”

30 March 2017

The French 5 % Initiative announced a call for proposals ref: AP 5PC-2017-02 to select projects that complement GF grants aimed at improving access for the most vulnerable populations to high-quality healthcare, based on strategies that are appropriate and integrated into local communities.

The total amount of the grant funded by the 5% Initiative will range between €250,000 and €3,000,000.

EHRN is seeking a consultant, who provides grant writing and consulting services to develop a regional project proposal within the call for proposals ref: AP 5PC-2017-02: Access to quality health-care services for vulnerable populations. The regional project may include partners from more than 5 countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia Region (CEECA).

To ensure timely (22 MAY 2017 AT MIDDAY (UTC+1)) submission of quality proposal, a consultant is required to:

  • Based on the information and documentation provided by EHRN and project partners to write an application and required Annexes in accordance with requirements;
  • Proposal and all Annexes must be drafted in English;
  • By 28.04.2017 provide a first draft of the application;
  • By 10.05.2017 based on the feedback provide a second draft of the application form with other required Annexes (logical framework, project activity schedule, risk management table, partnership summary table;
  • By 18.05.2017 based on the feedback and in close cooperation with EHRN to finalize an application.

To assess the tender applications, the following criteria will be used (maximum amount of points for each criteria):

  • Previous experience of writing successful proposal in English for funding from €250,000 to €3,000,000 (40 points);
  • Good knowledge on HIV, TB, HCV and harm reduction issues; good understanding of the specifics of HIV and TB epidemics in CEECA region (30 points);
  • Good knowledge of effective HIV prevention, care, and treatment interventions related to the most vulnerable populations existing in-country or in region; activities supported by The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, 5 % Initiative and other donors (20 points);
  • Fluency in written English is required (10 points).

Participants must submit:

  • cover letter;
  • resume and include cost of services, i.e. daily rate in EUR.

Application deadline – 18:00 EEST, April 21, 2017

Please send your documents under title “Consultancy for 5 % proposal” to igor.gordon@harm-reduction.org 

For more information, prospective consultants may contact Igor Gordon at the following email address: igor.gordon@harm-reduction.org


Application deadline – 18:00 EEST, April 21, 2017