EuroHRN II: Supporting innovative measures to address the reduction of drug related harm in Europe. EHRN: “I am the evidence” campaign – raising awareness on overdose and encouraging pan-European collaboration and information sharing on overdose prevention

Project goal and objectives: to expand the knowledge base of harm reduction in Europe, raise awareness of drug-related harms, and promote and support public health and human rights responses to drug use across Europe. Particularly in Eastern Europe, the project aims at advocating for evidence based opioid overdose management models and establishing models of meaningful engagement for people who use drugs and their associations around the prevention of overdose.

Key activities: include documenting and promoting successes of national overdose prevention projects in EU countries where peer distribution of naloxone is supported and comparing them with overdose responses in settings where peer distribution is not implemented; undertaking the “I am the evidence” advocacy campaign that collects and promotes testimonials on personal experiences with naloxone; organising training of trainers for people who use drugs; and conducting follow-up webinars to both provide a technical support to peer distribution of naloxone as well as to expand the “I am the evidence” campaign.

Expected results: include improved information and evidence bases for advocacy and peer distribution of naloxone, expansion of the  “I am the evidence” campaign to six more countries in the European Union, and increased numbers of drug user activists and harm reduction programme staff that are trained in peer distribution of naloxone and in advocacy utilising video evidence.

Completed projects
Countries covered by the project
Denmark, Estonia, France, Italy, Lithuania, UK
Project timeline
January 2013 - December 2014
Total budget
Workstream 2: 93,664.59 EUR (EC funding: 74,922.31 EUR)
Project donor
European Commission (EC)
I'm the Evidence: Naloxone Works! (UK)
I'm the Evidence: Naloxone Works! (Lithuania)
I'm the Evidence: Naloxone Works! (Italy)
I'm the Evidence: Naloxone Works! (France)
I'm the Evidence: Naloxone Works! (Estonia)
I'm the Evidence: Naloxone Works! (Denmark)