Global Drug Policy Program. Getting to consensus on drug policy reform in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Project overall goal and objectives: to develop regional consensus on drug policy reform in EECA in the run up of UNGASS 2016. Using the framework of UNGASS 2016, enhance drug policy reform dialogue among state and civil society actors, which would critically evaluate outcomes of previous legislative changes and advance drug policy reform dialogue in three Baltic countries (Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia); engage Baltic states political leaders in EECA regional cooperation in order to initiate regional dialogue on drug policy reform, promote best practices in drug policy and create opposition to the ongoing tightening of drug-related legislation.

Key activities: workshops and multi-stakeholder consultations in three Baltic states initiate discussions among law enforcement, public health and civil society sectors about UNGASS 2016 and the evaluation of and amendments to current drug policies to improve public health, safety and security outcomes; meetings with key policy makers on human rights, criminal justice and public health in all Baltic countries: individually and via specific drug policy events organised in partnership with national NGOs; development of a regional consensus document which would outline the key principles of drug policy revision in relation to UNGASS and would guide national statements at the UNGASS in New York in April 2016.

Expected results: EHRN will build new partnerships including with national high-level decision-makers, law enforcement and health care professionals and human rights defenders; technical guidance for formulating and enforcing progressive drug policies and models of non-repressive laws and their enforcement will become available; new partners and the communities of people who use drugs will be engaged in the regional dialogue on reaching the consensus on revising repressive drug policies and protecting human rights in the region.

Completed projects
Countries covered by the project
Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
Project timeline
July 2015 - May 2016
Total budget
70,936 USD
Project donor