Improving health outcomes and protection of human rights for people who use drugs (PWUD) in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) through the successful development and implementation of Eurasian Harm Reduction Network’s (EHRN) regional Global Fund project and implementation of peer-to-peer technical support

Project goal and objectives: to ensure that EHRN is able to contribute more effectively to improving health outcomes and protecting the human rights of PWUD in EECA. This was accomplished through an inclusive regional dialogue leading to the development of a successful Global Fund concept note. Specifically, the project sought to negotiate, produce and submit a high-quality concept note to the Global Fund and, as a result, sign the first regional grant agreement for EECA. It also aimed at ensuring that EHRN was able to design, test-run, adjust, and propose to the Global Fund a set of activities constituting a model of peer-to-peer exchanges on harm reduction advocacy and service provision practices as a model of technical support and capacity building in EECA. As a result of the project, EHRN’s own management capacity and monitoring and evaluation system were improved.

Key activities: included organising two face-to-face consultations with regional stakeholders that constituted a Regional Dialogue and establishing the Regional Technical Advisory Group that provided technical guidance critical for finalising the concept note; meeting of 2 expert groups – Service Monitoring Group and Investment Monitoring Group – that were established in preparation for the implementation of the Regional program to be funded by the Global Fund. EHRN’s management capacity self-assessment has been conducted within the project and EHRN’s monitoring and evaluation framework was developed, both of which will significantly benefit the implementation of the Global Fund programme.

Expected results: included achieving that EHRN’s regional concept note was developed and submitted to the Global Fund, accurately and inclusively reflecting the needs of PWUD in the Eurasian region, with the expectation that EHRN would sign the grant agreement with the Global Fund in April 2014; the preparations for the implementation of the Regional Program start with the regional meeting of 2 expert groups and sub-recipients to agree on detailed workplans, deliverables and resource allocations for Year 1; and EHRN’s own management capacity and ability to monitor and evaluate its performance has been enhanced.

Completed projects
Countries covered by the project
Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Project timeline
May 2013 - March 2014
Total budget
EUR 220,069.14 (GIZ funding: EUR 166,153.14)
Project donor
GIZ BACKUP Initiative