Engagement and advocacy building programs to improve women’s health in Russia and Ukraine

Project goal and objectives: to empower women who use drugs and build the capacity of community organisations, human rights defenders and civil society to advocate for the rights of women who use drugs. The project aims at improving women’s access to HIV, harm reduction, reproductive health and human rights services, thereby enhancing respect for their human rights and improving their health. In particular, the project seeks to increase the capacity of activists in local, national and international advocacy and human rights monitoring; to engage the activists in international high-level forums for human rights of women who use drugs; to stimulate dialogue on drug policy issues and harmful law enforcement practices; and to establish effective monitoring mechanisms relative to the human rights of women who use drugs.

Key activities: include provision of scholarships for training of activists on human rights monitoring within the context of gender inequality and HIV and drug policies; international advocacy activities, including production of video statements of women who use drugs for screening at high-level events; documenting cases and structural barriers that prevent women from claiming their rights and submitting joint complaints to appropriate human rights bodies at the international level; organising regular meetings and training sessions for women who use drugs to educate them on their human rights as well as on reporting human rights violations to appropriate national institutions.

Expected results: include achieving that the human rights and health of women who use drugs are acknowledged and assigned a greater priority in agendas of national and international human rights institutions and, as a result, achieving that the rights of women who use drugs are protected and their health improved.

Completed projects
Countries covered by the project
Russia, Ukraine
Project timeline
July 2013 - July 2014
Total budget
100,000.00 USD
Project donor