Regional Program “Harm Reduction Works - Fund It!”

The Regional Program “Harm Reduction Works – Fund It!” was prepared in response to an invitation from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (the Global Fund) to the Eurasian Harm Reduction Network (EHRN) to participate as an early applicant under the New Funding Model. The goal and objectives target reducing the HIV epidemic in Eastern Europe and Central Asia through improved advocacy for harm reduction. Strengthening of community systems for people who use drugs, including those living with HIV, is a critical area of focus within this program.

The Regional Program was developed through wide online and face-to-face consultations with different stakeholders: the community of people who use drugs, civil society, international and regional organizations and networks, as well as donor, technical support and UN agencies.

The goal of the Regional Program is to strengthen advocacy by civil society, including people who use drugs, for sufficient, strategic and sustainable investments in harm reduction as HIV prevention in the region of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Objective 1: To build an enabling environment for sufficient, strategic and sustainable public and donor investments in harm reduction.

Objective 2: To develop the capacity of the community of people who use drugs to advocate for the availability and sustainability of harm reduction services that meet their needs.

Key facts:

  • EHRN, represented by its Secretariat, acts as the Principal Recipient of the Global Fund's grant and is responsible for the Program implementation.
  • On the regional level, EHRN partners with the Eurasian Network of People Who Use Drugs (ENPUD), UN agencies and programs (UNAIDS, UNODC, WHO), other community networks and regional and international organizations.
  • On the national level the Regional Program's activities are carried out in the following countries of the region: Belarus, Georgia, Lithuania, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.
  • All program activities in target countries are implemented in close cooperation among EHRN Secretariat, national harm reduction networks and other NGOs​ and initiative groups of the community of people who use drugs and substitution therapy clients.
  • The Regional Program is governed by the EHRN Steering Committee in regards to decision-making; Regional Technical Advisory Group in regards to strategic advice; and Oversight Committee in regards to the monitoring of implementation.

The implementation of the Regional Program is supported by high-level regional advocates and experts providing technical guidance, political advocacy and support for regional messaging and campaigning, as well as for national level activities through the Regional Harm Reduction Council (RHRC), the Service Monitoring Group (SMG) and Investment Monitoring Group (IMG).

Strategic objective 1: Financial and programmatic sustainability of harm reduction programs
Countries covered by the project
Belarus, Georgia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Tajikistan
Project timeline
April 2014 - March 2017
Total budget
4.561.958,00 EUR; Project extended until December 2017
Project donor
the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

Expert groups

Structures that assist EHRN in implementation of the Regional Program


Project goal and expected outcomes; advocacy actions and reports


Methodologies to assess investment in harm reduction and access to services for people who use drugs


Advisory and decision-making structures for the Regional Program


National partners, sample procedures, manuals and tender announcements, reports

Regional and National Reports

National and regional reports "Road to Success: Towards Sustainable Harm Reduction Financing “Harm Reduction Works – Fund It!”

Regional Dialogue in Tbilisi 

Regional High Level Dialogue on Successful Transition to Domestic Funding of HIV and TB Response in EECA, Tbilisi, Georgia, 28-30 September 2015

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation framework, key activities and results 

Budget Advocacy