Advocacy for harm reduction services and access to essential medicines in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Project goal and objectives: include improving access to and financial support for harm reduction services and access to treatment for people who use drugs. In particular, the project aims at advocating for an increase of national funding for harm reduction services; improvement in access to hepatitis C treatment;  increase of access to essential, high-quality harm reduction services for women who use drugs; and mainstreaming of naloxone usage in harm reduction settings.

Key activities: include launching and continuing of two regional advocacy campaigns (1) “Harm Reduction Works - Fund It” that advocates for an increase of national funding and continuation of the Global Fund support for harm reduction services, and (2) “Hepatitis C Treatment Waiting List” that aims at building a broad movement of hepatitis advocates for and reducing the cost and increasing the availability of hepatitis C treatment.

Expected results: include better information of civil society organisations and representatives about national funding processes, structures and the Global Fund and the need for an increase in national funding levels for harm reduction; partners empowered to advocate more effectively for an increase of hepatitis C treatment access and for a scale-up the number of people receiving the treatment; increased visibility on gender-sensitive approaches and scale-up of opioid substitution treatment for women; and boosted funding for naloxone.

Completed projects
Countries covered by the project
Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Project timeline
January 2013 - December 2014
Total budget
400,000.00 USD
Project donor
Open Society Foundations (OSF)