Harm Reduction in 2011

In 2011, working with its members and other partners, EHRN made a number of important contributions to increasing access to drug-related health services, protecting the human rights of people who use drugs, and increasing advocates’ and service providers’ capacity in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The Network’s achievements in 2011 included (1) helping people who use drugs to build skills in human rights protection and strategic litigation, and supporting legal complaints to national courts; (2) representing the interests of EHRN members by participating in and organizing events at key international forums, including the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND), the International Harm Reduction Conference, the UN’s High Level Meeting on AIDS, the Global Fund Partnership Forum, and the Millennium Development Goal-6 Forum; (3) Establishing a new Research and Information Program, for the first time giving EHRN dedicated staff to coordinate information needs and carry out original research on topics critical to harm reduction in the region. As part of the program, EHRN became affiliated in 2011 with the Harm Reduction Journal as a means to fostering new, original peer-reviewed research from the region.

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