From Strategizing to Policy Influence. EHRN annual report for 2015

From January 2015, EHRN started implementing its new strategy for 2015-2019. Last year was the first and very intense year of the new strategy.

In 2015, EHRN started eight new regional projects, and even more projects were continued. EHRN’s team members actively contributed to the development and implementation of regional agenda for harm reduction and civil society development, including transition from international to domestic funding, capacity building of communities, and coordination of advocacy efforts in the region of Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Hundreds of politicians, community leaders, and experts played an active role in EHRN’s activities, for the implantation of which 2,8 million Euros were allocated.

As indicated in the Strategy, EHRN concentrates its efforts on two key interconnected tasks: budget advocacy for harm reduction funding and drug policy reform to make harm reduction possible and effective in the countries of the region.

The key principle of our advocacy is that the community of people who use drugs needs to be involved in the decision-making and advocacy processes, which plays a vital role in making states transparent and harm reduction sustainable.

This annual report outlines the progress toward these two objectives. Only thanks to unified efforts by the members of EHRN, national partners, experts, and leaders of communities of people who use drugs is our success made possible. We express our gratitude to them and look forward to our further cooperation.