Third Extended Meeting of the Regional Technical Advisory Group within the Regional Program "Harm reduction works - Fund it!"

Purpose & participants:

Established by the Eurasian Harm Reduction Network’s Steering Committee, the Regional Technical Advisory Group (RTAG) provides the Steering Committee with strategic guidance in the development and implementation of the Regional Program ‘Harm Reduction Works – Fund It!’. The RTAG brings inputs from diverse regional and national partners. This year, other 20 stakeholders – the Regional Program’s oversight committee, regional networks, UN, national partners and government officials in the Regional Program’s focus countries – has joined the 8 RTAG members at the meeting. 

The purpose of the 3rd RTAG meeting was to assess the results of the Regional Program after its two years, and to finalize the plans for the final Year 3 and beyond of the Regional Program.  


Specific objectives:

To verify and identify outcomes and, where relevant, impact after Year 2 of the Regional Program 
To review priorities and plans for Year 3 including possible synergies with other initiatives and partners
To produce the RTAG recommendations to the EHRN’s Steering Committee 
To draw plans for RTAG and Oversight Committee for Year 3
To share practices on budget advocacy  

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