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Apply to participate in the Regional Harm Reduction Conference 2017

Abstract thematic areas

Abstracts should outline the applicant’s experience in implementing harm reduction activities with demonstrated impact at the local, national or international level in the following thematic areas and may cover at least one of the key issues described below:

1. Funding of harm reduction

  • financial sustainability of harm reduction programs;
  • transition from donors’ support to domestic funding;
  • harm reduction funding mechanisms in CEECA region;
  • allocative efficiency;
  • national and local budget advocacy experience, including the results of the Regional Program “Harm Reduction Works – Fund It!”

2. The role of harm reduction in social and medical care for people who use drugs

  • integration of harm reduction services into national health/social systems as a way to insure access of PWUD to HIV, tuberculosis,and hepatitis C treatment;
  • ensuring quality of harm reduction services;
  • access of youth, women and imprisoned populations to services;
  • linkages with social support services.

3. Harm reduction as health and human rights-based drug policy

  • the role of harm reduction in the provision of non-punitive measures of drug control;
  • drug policy barriers related to effective harm reduction service provision;
  • human rights instruments to address discrimination of PWUD in health system (including ECHR, CEDAW etc.);
  • regional feedback to the UNGASS on the World Drug Problem.

4. Harm reduction funding, drug policy, service provision and community response

  • accountability and community representation in state mechanisms and other decision making bodies;
  • community mobilization efforts and challenges;
  • capacity building and leadership for advocacy;
  • community-based advocacy interventions (service or policy monitoring, campaigns, policy dialogues, using the media, personal stories, using video, etc.)

I.                   Abstract (max 500 words).

  • Title:
  • Background: a short description of the issue being analysed or evaluated.
  • Methods: describe the activity. What was done, and how.
  • Results: present as clearly and as much in detail as possible the findings / outcome of the activity. Please summarize any specific results.
  • Conclusions: explain the importance of your findings / outcomes of the activity for funding of harm reduction programs, social and medical care for people who use drugs, and drug policy reform.


Applications must be submitted online before 22 January 2017 by 11:59pm EET.

Thank you for submitting your application!