EHRN Governance

The Eurasian Harm Reduction Network (EHRN) is a membership-based organisation governed by its institutional and individual members. Network members delegate the right to govern the Network to their representatives from the 7 respective geographic sub-regions of Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia and the community of people who use drugs by electing them as Steering Committee members.

EHRN’s Steering Committee is the primary governance and decision-making body of the Network.

Other key advisory, executive and technical bodies within EHRN’s organisational structure include:

Steering Committee
The EHRN Steering Committee governs the Network and facilitates the fulfilment of its mission. The key areas of responsibility of the EHRN Steering Committee are the following:

  1. Set the Strategic Vision and Strategic Plan for EHRN
  2. Define, supervise, and support the primary operational structures of EHRN
  3. Lead and represent EHRN as champions of its mission and plan.

Founders’ Committee
EHRN’s Founders’ Committee oversees the fiscal integrity and managerial capacity of the Network’s executive body, i.e., EHRN Secretariat.

Regional Technical Advisory Group
When EHRN accepted the Global Fund’s invitation to be a regional Early Applicant within the New Funding Model (NFM) in 2013, the Regional Technical Advisory Group (RTAG) was established in July 2013 to act as a consultative technical body that advises the Steering Committee of EHRN.

The key areas of responsibility of the EHRN Regional Technical Advisory Group are the following:

  1. Contribute strategic technical advice to the development of the EHRN grant proposal to the Global Fund
  2. Review applications from potential sub-recipients and sub-sub-recipients
  3. Provide technical advice during the Global Fund grant implementation
  4. Carry out other functions related to the Global Fund grant implementation that would benefit from the specific technical expertise of RTAG members individually or collectively, as requested by the Steering Committee when needed. 

In 2001, the Steering Committee established the Secretariat in Vilnius, Lithuania, which runs the technical and administrative activities of the Network. The EHRN Secretariat operates under the supervision and support of the international Steering Committee and the Founders’ Committee to advance this mission.

The key areas of responsibility of the EHRN Secretariat are the following:

  1. Support for the development, implementation and management of the EHRN Strategic Plan
  2. Resource mobilization and communications with EHRN donors
  3. Accountability to and communications with the EHRN Steering Committee and Founders’ Committee
  4. Communications with and support to the EHRN membership.