Shareholders' Committee

In 2001, the Steering Committee established the Secretariat of the Network and formed its Founders’ Committee (now Shareholders' Committee), which then established the Secretariat in Vilnius, Lithuania. The first members of the Founders' Committee became Emilis Subata and Ingrida Sulciene.

In 2017, there have been changes. Vilnius Centre for Addictive Disorders director Emilis Subata -  EHRN co-founder and the shareholder has sold his part to social-entrepreneur Linas Merkelis.

Ingrida Sulciene is one of EHRN´s Secretariat co-founders. Ingrida is a social entrepreneur and integrated communication professional with a solid track of almost 20 years of experience in non-governmental, public and private sectors. Ingrida is also a co-founder of Lithuanian Public Relations Professionals’ Union and founder of Dress for Success Vilnius-Lithuania. She has played an active part in the creation of the I Can Live Coalition (Lithuania), an organization engaged in advocacy for harm reduction as an effective solution for problems of addiction.

Linas Merkelis is a businessman with a degree in legal studies and an investor into innovation and socially significant projects, actively working in Lithuania as well as in other countries. He has gained ample experience in project and investment management and has a keen interest in social programs promoting harm reduction and contributing to keeping communities safe and healthy.