Regional Technical Advisory Group

When EHRN accepted the Global Fund’s invitation to be a regional Early Applicant within the New Funding Model (NFM) in 2013, the Regional Technical Advisory Group (RTAG) was established in July 2013 and acts as a consultative technical body that advises the Steering Committee of EHRN.

The Regional Technical Advisory Group (RTAG) is a mechanism for enhancing the development and implementation of EHRN’s grant proposal to the Global Fund and ensuring a wider perspective and input from various partners is taken into account in order to reflect international and national interests and trends.

RTAG consists of 15 people representing technical partners, including United Nations agencies and donors, international and regional organisations, national harm reduction and other civil society or governmental organisations. It also includes organisations and groups of people who use drugs; these make up not less than 20% of the RTAG membership, so at least 3 seats are for organisations and/or groups representing people who use drugs/clients of opioid substitution therapy (OST). Just as community representatives on EHRN’s Steering Committee are elected to hold their governance positions, the representatives from the community on RTAG are also elected to represent a broader community of PWIG and PLHIV.

RTAG acts as a consultative body and has these main responsibilities:

  • To contribute strategic technical advice to the development of the EHRN grant proposal to the Global Fund
  • To review applications from potential sub-recipients
  • To provide technical advice during grant implementation
  • To carry out other functions related to grant implementation that would benefit from the specific technical expertise of RTAG members individually or collectively, as requested by the SC when needed

The July 2013 first meeting of EHRN’s Regional Technical Advisory Group was held in Vilnius, Lithuania. Face-to-face consultation was organized to discuss and reach overall agreement on the development process, scope and key elements of the EECA Regional Initiative on HIV and Harm Reduction supported by the Global Fund.

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